Dog Walker Devotions; Faith, Hope, and Puppy Dog Tales


My fluffy friend Spike! Love this happy pup!

My name is Chelsea and I’m a dog walker. You might be wondering how I came to this unique profession, right? Well, wonder no longer.

I love dogs. Big, small, fat, thin, goofy, sleek – you get the picture. I’ve always wondered if I should pursue a career involving dogs. Around 2015 my job as a medical transcriber slowly decreased in volume and, as a contract worker, that meant fewer paychecks. In August of 2015 I graduated with my Master of Fine Arts degree in Cinema/Television, focusing on screenwriting. By 2016, my paychecks were steadily decreasing and student loan payments were looming in my very near future. I had to do something to bring in more income.

Knowing I love dogs, a friend of mine mentioned a dog-sitting site where I could sign up to be a freelance dog walker and house-sitter. I found work fairly quickly and realized I really enjoyed the work, even if it meant getting dog slobber and mud all over me most days of the week.

Not only did I love working with the dogs, but it filled a void that had been left in my heart after my German Shepherd, Benaiah, passed away two years before. It truly was the perfect fit for me, and I couldn’t believe that I was now making extra income by playing with and taking care of other people’s pups (and cats from time to time).

I worked for the dog-sitting site for a few months before realizing the entrepreneurial aspect was begging to be a part of this new venture. I was thankful for my start with the dog-sitting site, but quickly realized I wanted to run my own business. So, in January of 2017, I ventured out on my own and started my own dog walking and house sitting service called Pet Life Lovers.

 I was worried about getting clients since I wasn’t affiliated with an already established company. However, once I got the word out to friends in the area, as well as some of the other small business owners I knew, my clientele began to grow. After the first few months of running the business, my husband Dan and I realized we needed to change our word-of-mouth marketing tack.

Personal branding, a professional website, and a catchier name were all in order. With the help of our dear friends Jared, Kim, and Christen, See Spot Walk was born. In addition to helping us come up with the new business name, we hired Jared to develop our website and shoot marketing photos for us. Christen was hired to help us with our branding. It was so exciting to see it all come together.

Over that first year the business grew steadily, so much so that by December I was able to stop transcribing all together and solely focus on my dog walking business. I even had so much work I needed a few extra people to come on board and help me with the increased work load.

I have most certainly learned a lot along the way, and grown in so many ways. But my favorite thing that came out of starting the business is the book that you are now holding in your hands (or reading on your screen, or listening to). I never would have guessed something like this devotional would have come out of starting a dog walking service, but that’s the amazing thing about God.

He can use anything and anyone to tell of who He is and show people His heart for them. I am truly humbled and honored that he gave me the insights and creativity to put this together.

How to Read This Devotional

The entries are not in chronological order, so feel free to jump around as you please, or read them in succession – whatever fits your style. I created 30 sessions with the thought that some people might enjoy reading one per day; but I know there are also people who prefer reading at their own pace and this is structured with them in mind as well.

I find if I take a devotional entry and read it a few times over the course of a week, I am able to absorb more of the meaning and find deeper substance by the end of the week. But, again, do whatever works best for you!

Each entry starts with a story which speaks to the theme. The story is followed by a prayer, journal prompts, a key verse, and additional verses to look up that relate to the specific message.

I can’t tell you how honored and blessed I am that you are reading this devotional. I truly hope  it blesses you, brings you joy, and helps you draw closer to our amazing God and creator of the adorable pups that inspired these entries.

2 thoughts on “Dog Walker Devotions; Faith, Hope, and Puppy Dog Tales

  1. Hi Chelsea!
    I’m so excited for you! You’re such a kind, sweet person and it’s so cool to see how God uses us when we do things we LIKE to do rather than what we think we should be doing and all the while being miserable. You’re truly an inspiration. Shine on, my friend!


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