Don’t Fear the Storms

Rumble – Oh what a loyal and darling pup!

If you’ve never lived in, or visited, Virginia Beach, let me tell you, the weather is crazy unpredictable sometimes! It’ll be raining one minute and blazing hot the next; 32 degrees on one winter day and the next it is pushing 70.

One spring day I had picked up my buddy, Rumble, to take with me on walks for the day. It was warm and the sun was gracing us with its presence. It looked to be a very pleasant day ahead, full of fluffy friends and fresh air. And sure enough it was; at least into the early afternoon. Rumble enjoyed his time with each of the pups I took out, an obvious happy and worn out boy as evidenced by the long tongue hanging out of his mouth.

On this day I had time for a little pit stop at my house, so I brought Rumble with me. On the way to my house, clouds began to roll in and thunder rumbled in the distance. We barely made it into the house before the clouds burst open. Now, I absolutely love thunderstorms, (so long as I can observe them from the safety and warmth of the indoors), but poor Rumble is terrified of them. Rumble paced the floor and jumped every time the thunder cracked.

I sat down on the floor and leaned up against the couch, riding out the storm. I tried to get Rumble to come lay down by me, doing my best to encourage him that all was well and nothing was wrong. But, of course, you can’t reason with a dog. So I just had to let him pace. My heart hurt that there was nothing I could do to comfort or calm him.

I sat on the floor in the living room, watching him pace, and I was suddenly struck [pun absolutely intended] by the realization that I am quite often a pacing Rumble when it comes to the storms of life. Even though my heavenly father comforts me and tells me all is and will be well, I continue to pace, and panic, and fear the storms of life instead of trusting in the One who calms the storms.

When I experience what seems like an overwhelming financial situation, my first reaction has been to fear. When something happens to someone I love, my first reaction has been to fear. When I’m facing an issue with my health, my first reaction has been to fear. But I don’t want to be like a dog afraid of a storm, pacing and panicked because of thunder that’s so noisy it threatens to drown out my Father’s Voice.

I’m learning to refuse to let the noise of those storms drown out the Voice that tells me He has me in His arms and will never let me go. The Voice that tells me I am His, and that will never change. The Voice that tells me he controls the winds and the waves and knows when storms are happening in my life. Instead, I am fighting and praying that I would do as it says so beautifully and simply in Psalm 56, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”

Prayer: Heavenly father, why is it so easy to fear the storm instead of trust in you? Please keep working on and in me so that my fear lessens and my faith in you increases. I want to come rest at your feet, even when it feels like everything around me is going absolutely crazy. Forgive me for not trusting you and for not looking to you for my source of peace. Thank you for that forgiveness, and for dying on the cross so that I can receive that forgiveness.

Journaling: What about you? Do you tremble and panic anytime you feel a “storm” approaching? Why do you think that is? Try this: Journal a story where you are in the safety of a shelter, but a storm is approaching. In your story, journal yourself remaining still and quiet and calm, focusing on the Lord, and reading the verses from this devotional while the storm rages around you. Now keep this “story” in mind the next time a storm of life approaches and read through it, pray, meditate on the verses, and ask your Heavenly Father to calm your heart and mind.

Key Verse: Psalm 56:3-4, 11

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mere humans do to me?

 Further Scripture Reading: Romans 8:38-39; Matthew 14:22-31

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